Hi! I'm Ilya Sidorenko, designer and writer, who believes that every day is an opportunity to do something outstanding

Hi! I'm Ilya Sidorenko, designer and writer, who believes that every day is an opportunity to do something outstanding


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About me

I had an opportunity to work with great teams from biggest Russian banks, world's financial services and creative agencies. Most of my career, I design web services that help businesses work more efficiently.

Now I'm working on a fast-growing startup BINO CX that works in Russia and New York City. Quite soon we will begin to scale in the US and Asia.

Sometimes I take freelance projects. If you have an interesting offer, write me via email: byiskros@gmail.com

Also, I regularly read, train and ask questions.



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Favorite books


Accidental events affect our lives. The author's theory helps to benefit from unpredictable events or, at least, does not lose much at a time when others lose everything.


The best book about achieving the success I have ever read. When a someone achieves success in 4 spheres, this matters. Arnold achieved success in bodybuilding, business, cinema and politics.

fast slow

The mix of statistics, psychology and sociology, which shows how often we make silly logical errors in everyday life that have serious consequences.


Almost everyone dreams of escaping from the schedule 5/2 and say goodbye to an 8-hour working day. Tim Ferris is the embodiment of this idea. In his book he shows how to reduce the workload without reducing income.


The main reason for the failure of most people is laziness, that is, lack of willpower. Willpower helps athletes to train harder, specialists achieve greater results, and partners understand each other better.


The authors of the book offer their approach to doing business based on minimalism and focusing on the main things and values that can not be copied.

power of full

The right balance of nutrition, training and rest allows you to work more without losing effectiveness. The authors of the book help the reader to find this balance, which is useful for achieving excellent results.


One of the most motivating and yet practical books I've ever read. The author shows how you can reach a new level with simple daily activities.


Write me via email: byiskros@gmail.com
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