My Design Portfolio
For most of my 9 years career, I have been working on B2B/B2C services that help people do their work and life tasks more efficiently. Here is some of them.
Tranzet is an online cargo transportation service. Its goal is to increase the efficiency of the company's logistics processes.
I received a short description of the business idea and had full responsibility for how it would be implemented in the product. To do this, I talked with investors, the development team and users. I have created user stories, CJMs, wireframes and final mockups in Figma. I did a lot of work with users, testing our product. For each design solution I used Material UI components.
Flashback is a mobile application that helps people clean up their photo gallery by finding similar photos and providing a good interface for deleting bad ones
We are a small team of three friends who want to solve a personal problem with cleaning the photo gallery. Each of us generates product ideas. My main task in this project is to create a good UX/UI that helps people clean up the gallery.
Bino is a marketplace for mystery shoppers that helps companies improve the level of service. Starta Ventures Batch 3 (New York).
My role in this project is to create two interfaces. The first is a web interface where customers form tasks for mystery shoppers. The second is a mobile application where mystery shoppers select and complete tasks. I was the only designer in the product and designed all the interfaces.
Trood is an ERP system that helps companies improve the efficiency of their business processes
My main task was to understand the client's requirements and create a user-friendly interface based on them. During this time, I designed CRM, WMS and project management systems for our clients. I worked together with analyst, manager, client and development team.
NDA projects
I was lucky enough to work on financial services for the largest CIS banks and the international payment system
A large payment system invited me to help their clients in designing interfaces. I worked on experimental financial services for three of the largest banks in the CIS. Together with the bank's product team, we developed prototypes of mobile applications and demonstrated them to the company's management.

Connect2Me, Poputchiki
I started my career as a frontend developer. During the two years of this work, I have been developing services for travel and e-commerce.

After that, I realized that I wanted to start a career in design. That's what I did.
Work with me:
Telegram: @iskros